The terrible cost of make believe.


Vox has a post up at Alpha Game titled Equality has consequences linking to a breathless Daily Mail piece: Bouncer punches a woman in the FACE after she takes a swing at him in shocking video footage, but was it self-defence or ‘disgusting’ male aggression?

We live in a strange time, as while the Daily Mail is disturbed that a man would strike back when assaulted by a mere woman, we also are told that women must be allowed into all units in the military since they are able to fight just like men.  While the Daily Mail complains about a weak man screwing feminism up by defending himself from a kickass gal, NBC News is reporting that Norway now has an all female special forces unit* where the women are just like the men:

…the female soldiers are just as capable as their male counterparts.

At the same time our entertainment is filled with images of kickass gals single handedly beating up groups of men.  Unfortunately, with even our armed forces getting in on the fantasy, many women don’t understand that this is just make believe.  This leads to…

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