Step up, so they don’t have to (part 2).


As I explained in part one, men stepping up is a well loved refrain with complementarians and other conservative Christians.  It is a brilliantly deceptive term, because the objective is to appear to be fighting our feminist culture while taking great care not to do anything which would upset the feminist status quo.  This is accomplished by pretending that feminists aren’t in the final mopping up stage of the culture wars, and instead complaining about a sudden and mysterious change in men.

The danger of course to exhorting men to man up is that they might actually do so.  This would defeat the whole purpose.  For this reason Christian leaders who go beyond the steps described in part 1 need to clearly communicate that their program is not a threat to women in feminist rebellion.

Dennis Rainey is the President, CEO and Co-founder of FamilyLife.  Rainey is also a Board of Reference member of the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW).  Rainey is all about men stepping up.  In fact, he has even trademarked the term Stepping Up®, as it is…

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